Nite Maverick - Josh Bakker-Dyos

 Royal Navy Commando, Ultra-endurance Athlete & Doctor

What makes Josh a NITE Maverick?

Royal Navy Commando, Ultra-endurance Athlete and Doctor. Josh is passionate about exploring the limits of human performance and is currently on a venture to take this further as a PhD candidate. He thrives in situations where he can explore a blend of adventure and science.

Josh if a lifelong adventurer who thrives from being in challenging outdoor environments. His background in climbing and mountaineering, alongside his military and medical career, have taken him around the world to remote and austere environments, and have forged a passion for understanding human potential at the extremes.

In 2021, Josh won the gruelling Ultra-Tour Snowdonia 100-miler, a race that is equally beautiful as it is tough. He has managed to balance his specialist clinical training as an anaesthetist with his passion for ultra-running, a sport that balances immersion in the mountainous with a requirement for a performance mindset. Coming back from knee surgery in 2022, he completed the Salmon Ultra Pirineu 100k race in the Spanish Pyrenees and Ultra-Tour Cape Town 100k in South Africa in 2023, achieving strong results that will carry him forward.

Josh is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge of medicine and human performance in extreme environments and wants to help others with their own health and performance goals. His PhD research will take him into the field in the UK, the Arctic and beyond, to better understand the physiological and energetic demands on those performing at the limits.

“The NITE Watches brand ethos of ‘proven through passion’ aligns with perfectly with my own simplistic view on human performance; Consistency, Patience, Dedication (CPD).”

What has inspired and motivated Josh on his journey to-date?

“I’ve always enjoyed taking the lesser travelled road in life. I have an adventurous and inquisitive spirit and I find a lot of meaning in challenging myself and doing things a bit differently. A career in medicine is inherently linear particularly during the specialist training phase required to become a consultant but I’ve been fortunate to have had some extraordinary opportunities with the military as I have progressed through this. I completed the Commando course as a medical student and have subsequently deployed on operations with the Royal Marines, participated in and led adventurous training expeditions, undertaken military medical research and have recently started a PhD in the field of extreme environment physiology. I’m excited to continue this journey and will always seek unique opportunity. We all have the ability to create our own paths and explore uncharted territory.”

Why does Josh wear the NITE Atlas?

“I had the opportunity to test an early edition of the Atlas watch and have been wearing it ever since! It’s the perfect watch for my lifestyle being both exceptionally rugged and equally stylish. I can wear it whilst climbing, skiing, running and it looks smart at work in my uniform. I’ve had it down to -30C in Northern Norway and the luminescence is critical for operating in the dark. I’ve even been freediving with it. Knowing that it can’t run out of battery is very reassuring for long deployments. I’ve subsequently loved working with the team at NITE planning future adventures, and I’m looking forward to meeting and working with fellow Mavericks. The brand ethos of ‘proven through passion’ aligns with perfectly with my own simplistic view on human performance; Consistency, Patience, Dedication (CPD).”

As Worn By josh

As worn by Josh: Josh sports the Atlas, our next-generation, first Swiss made automatic field watch. This watch is designed and engineered to meet strict criteria whilst being stylish, with tritium illumination for ease to tell the time in the dark. He proves this through passion, committed to an adventurous life.

The Atlas is proud to share its DNA with the first “Dirty Dozen” field watches worn during World War II. The name was given to designs from twelve companies commissioned by the Ministry of Defence for a new kind of wristwatch able to perform in the field under the most extreme pressures. Strict performance specifications included waterproofing, timekeeping, luminous markings on the dial and robust case construction.

It has been designed and engineered to meet the same strict criteria and reflect the style and needs of the mavericks who put it to the test today.