Nite Maverick - Roger Green

NITE Watches Founder and outdoor enthusiast

What Makes Roger a Maverick?

Roger Green, founder, owner and Managing Director of Nite Watches, has always been at the very core of the Maverick community.

His philosophy in life is rooted in carving his own path and embracing a daring and single-minded attitude, regardless of the challenges he faces. This maverick approach is reflected not only in his professional endeavours but also in his personal pursuits. Despite reaching retirement age, Roger's adventurous spirit continues to thrive as he joins the Nite Mavericks in remote and untamed locations, pushing boundaries, and extracting the utmost from life's experiences.

A keen Motorcyclist, Roger has recently commissioned the build of the NITE Watches Maverick Street Tracker, a custom-built Triumph Thruxton which was recently unveiled at the Kickback Motorcycle show. (see below)

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Roger's story


Nite Maverick - Click to play video

As Worn By Roger

As you would expect Roger has worn a watch from every watch series NITE has produced. Until recently his favourite one of our heritage models the Icon. Roger now sports the Atlas, our first Swiss made automatic Field watch.

The Atlas is proud to share its DNA with the first “Dirty Dozen” field watches worn during World War II. The name was given to designs from twelve companies commissioned by the Ministry of Defence for a new kind of wristwatch able to perform in the field under the most extreme pressures. Strict performance specifications included waterproofing, timekeeping, luminous markings on the dial and robust case construction.

It has been designed and engineered to meet the same strict criteria and reflect the style and needs of the mavericks who put it to the test today.