NITE Watches x EOD

The intertwined history of the military and wristwatches dates back to 1879 when German Kaiser Wilhelm I tasked the renowned manufacturer Girard-Perregaux to produce 2,000 wristwatches for his naval officers. Since then, almost every watchmaker has created timepieces for militaries around the globe. In recent decades, many watches have been customised with unit emblems and names, including those made for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and bomb disposal units. Most of these units have at least one or more timepieces that feature their qualification or unit bomb badges.

"This special edition introduces a first-of-its-kind innovation; there is no other watch in the world that incorporates metal from ordnance into its design. Utilising aluminum sourced from the arming vane of the BL755 cluster bomb, we have meticulously crafted a bespoke disc embedded within the crown of the watch, engraved with 'EOD.' Each timepiece comes with its own individual serial number, making it a truly unique and exclusive addition to any collection."

The aluminum arming vanes were removed by British and American EOD technicians before explosively dismantling Europe's final BL755 cluster bomb units, including the 47,187 bomblets contained within them. Given that this innovation is unprecedented, we designed the timepieces to be accessible to all bomb disposal and EOD technicians, regardless of the country, military branch, or unit they served in. The goal was to create a Timepiece incorporating a piece of ordnance as part of the watch that a significant number of EOD operators would have encountered at some point in their careers— whether in the Falklands, Bosnia, or Iraq—thereby adding an authentic touch and a tangible piece of EOD history. It's also a compelling talking point!


The watch's dial features the words "BOMB DISPOSAL" in red and a detailed image of a Mk1 No1 BL755 bomblet in green. The crowns arming vane disc is engraved with "EOD" and the case back bears an image of the BL755 cluster bomb, along with the name of the timepiece and its unique serial number. These timepieces have no unit badges or specific names, just the reference to EOD/bomb disposal, making them suitable for all EOD technicians worldwide.


The NITE HAWK EOD's unique Tritium elements are particularly fitting for the EOD community, with two radiation symbols on the case back signifying the use of Tritium tubes. This watch is a striking and functional tribute to those who risk their lives for explosive ordnance disposal, combining history, innovation, and practicality in one distinctive piece.