4 US. Veterans, 3000 Miles, 1 Epic Crossing 

We have always celebrated Mavericks who are relentless in the pursuit of their passions and are willing to push themselves and our watches to the limits. That is why we are supporting the US Shut Up & Row team who are undertaking the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, the world’s toughest rowing race.

The team don’t just want to survive the 3000-mile crossing in treacherous seas, their passion is to be the first-ever American team to win this race. Even though they are former Navy Seals and US Marines, this will test their physical, psychological, & spiritual performance to the limits.

Team Shut Up & Row is certainly in safe hands. Nite Maverick and triple ocean rowing world record holder Angus Collins has been advising and coaching the team to ensure they have the knowledge and strategy to succeed.

As the official team timepiece supplier, the team will be wearing a special edition ALPHA model which has been designed and built to endure the extreme elements of the ocean.

The Team

Big Fish Foundation

The Shut up and Row team are aiming to raise $500,000 for the Big Fish foundation which helps veterans fight against veteran suicide. Nite watches have always had an affinity with the armed forces since being a supplier of watches to UK Special Forces back in 2005.

the alpha - As worn by team shut up and row

Continuing our support to those who have served we are supporting the team’s fundraising by donating $50 to the foundation for every Nite Alpha sold whilst the team are undertaking the race. Just use code* BigFish50 to donate $50 with your purchase.

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You can also follow the teams journey at @teamshutupandrow and Read more about the Big Fish foundation at